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What gender buys what products?

Men buy more supplements (age 25-65) There are more solutions currently for men Generally looking to improve personal performance Overcome mild to moderate ED Women buy more personal lubricants Arousal issues, Vaginal Dryness due to medical issues Research Shows that lubricants are associated with more pleasurable and satisfying masturbation and intercourse as compared to sex [...] Read More

Enhanced Overall Health, Sexual Vitality, and Physical Performance

Imagine Enhanced Overall Health, Sexual Vitality, and Physical Performance with merely the addition of a daily supplement to your diet. Formulated with powerful, effective, and safe ingredients, BioXgenic High Test is a revolutionary supplement designed for men that delivers the benefits of boosting testosterone with added prostate protection, providing dynamic results you’ll feel confident about. Prong 1 utilizes a Hormone Releasing X Complex, [...] Read More